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VFD Motor
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YJP Series Compact Type Inverter Adjustable Asynchronous Motor
Voltage:Normal 380V (400V, 660V, 690V are also available on request)
Speed:4P, 6P
Protection:Normal IP23, IP45 (IP54 available)
Cooling:Normal IC06 (IC416, ICW37A86 available)
Insulation:Normal class F (Class H available)
Duty:Normal S1
Package:Wood box for free fumigation
Payment:30% in advance, balance by T/T or L/C at sight
Description and application:
YJP Series compact type inverter adjustable asynchronous motor has been developed to be a new type of AC Inverter motor with modern characteristics hase on self innovation, It's newly designed compact construction, delicate appearance, attactive performance-price ratio and comverter constitute on ideal VVVF adjustable system, which provide to a variety of related industrial fields.
Electrical performance:
Motor Frame: IEC 160-280
Output(KW): 12kW~1500kW
Rated Voltage(V): 380V (400V, 660V, 690V are also available on request) Rated requency: 50Hz(Available rated frequency: 4P--19.3, 25, 33.3, 70Hz; 6P--25, 29, 37.5, 75Hz)
Constant tprque putput is in the range of rated frequency to 3Hz, Constant power output is in the range of rated frequency upwards to a centain given frequency,
Insulation Class: CLASS F
Protection Class: IP23, IP54
Mounting Type: IMB3, IMB5, IM35, IMV1
Duty: Continuous working system(S1) is applied (S3-40%, S6-40 are available)
Methods of Cooling: IC06(IP23), IC416(IP54), ICW37A86(>355 MOTOR)
The following accessories for the motor are avaible:
Encoder: When using brake, The encoder must be the type with hollow or blind hole shaft
Occasionally overload: 160% within 15sec. is allowed
Our products could be widely used in the industrial fields of metallurgy; lifting; paper making; constructional materials; rubber and plastic; lathe, pumps; blower and fan and all machinery and equipment which could be driven by frequency converter.
Model explanation:
1, In order to have more reasonable and econorimic converter system, an appropriate frequency(or speed) should be chosen as rated frequency (or speed) according to speed range and load performance; the inverter motor is constant troque output below rated frequency, the constant power output is in the range of rated frequency upwards to a certain stipulated frequency,
2, The rated and parameters in the Technical Data are ecalculated result only for reference, customers could choose the s uitable power according to its applications.
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