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DC Motor
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GE752 Oil Drilling DC Motor
Protection:Plus Pressure Explosion-proof
Cooling:Forced ventilation
Package:Wood box for free fumigation
Payment:30% in advance, balance by T/T or L/C at sight
Description and application:
YZ08F DC motor is a separately excited high power DC motor developed for electric drive oil drilling machine as GE DC motor. The international advanced technology has been adopted in it such as Kapton insulation process, main pole coils formed by hot pressing, pressed and welded frame, spiral slot of commutator, reacting brush holder, wire banding, etc. The motor's main features are: plus pressure explosion-proof, direct thermometry, directive tachometry, high current, large torque, wide range constant power speed regulating, free maintenance, high universality, efficiency and reliability. The outline installation dimension is as same as that of imported DC oil drilling motor. The oil drilling motor can be used instead of the imported one. YZ08F motor can also function as slurry pump motor, rotary table motor and winch motor of DC electric drive drilling machine.
Electrical performance:
Rated power                       800Kw
Rated voltage                      750V
Rated current                      1150A
Rated rotating speed                 1060r/min
Rated efficiency                    92.7%
Rated torque                       7325.5N.m
Max.current                       1600A
Max.torque                        9450N.m
Max.rotating speed                  1500r/min
Exciting                          Forced air
Exciting current                    60A
Exciting voltage                    <=150V
Insulation class                     H/H
Cooling                           Forced air
Protection class                    plus pressure explosion-proof
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