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Biote Nema High Efficiency Motor(USA)
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Jirun Nema High Efficiency Motor ( 2005-3-1 )
In year 2005, We have successfully sold NEMA Whole Series AC motor to U.S Market. The frame from 140 To 449T. Our high Efficiency motor have the certification of UL&CSA. It can accord with the market of U.S and Canada.
  NEMA standard high efficiency three phase asynchrnous motors are totally enclosed fan cooled type(TEFC). The design and the manufacture of the motors conform to National Electrical Manufacturers Association(NEMA) with new style, carefully manufacturing, safe and reliable performance. The motors have such advantages as high efficiency, low temperature rise and low vibration level.
  The protection degree of the motors is of IP55 with F-class insulation and IC411 cooling method. B-design to NEMA is adopted and the service factor is 1.15. The rated voltage is 230/460V and the rated frequency is 60Hz. The ambient temperature is limited to -15C to 40C, and the height does not exceed 3300 feet above the sealevel. They are applicable for the places where there are no special requirements for the motors. They can be used as team equipment for various machines.
  The motors can also be specially designed and manufactured upon the request of the users; such as H-class insulation, different voltage of different frequency.
Electric Motor Products
AC Motor: NEMA Frame ODP and TEFC High efficiency AC motors, NEMA Frame Crusher Duty AC motor, NEMA Stainless Steel Washdown Duty AC motor, YEJ Series AC Squirrel Cage Brake motor, YB2 Series Explosion-proof Three Phase Induction motor, YZR,YZ Series For Cranes and Metallurgical, Y2 EFF1/EFF2 series AC motors, YC Series Capacitor Start Induction motor, YY Series Three Phase induction motor, YL Series Two-value Cpacitor induction motor, YVF2 Inverter duty motor,etc
Applications: General purpose including Cutting machines, Pumps, Fans, Conveyors, Machines tools of farm duty and food process.etc
DC motor: Z Series DC motor, Z4 Sereis DC motor, (Apply for rolling mill still equipment), ZZJ-800 Sereis motor Applying in mill-transmission, Z900 Series DC motor, ZSN4 Series DC motor(Cement-making), ZFQZ Sereis(Often staring and braking DC motor).etc
Applications: Mill auxiliary in metallurgical industry, Metal cutting machine tool, Paper making, Print textile, Peinting and dyeing, Cement-making, Plastic extruding machine woodwork machine.etc
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